Walk in an old growth rainforest

Knight Inlet walk — Duration 2 to 4 hrs — Grade A (easy) — Guided or unguided

This is one of the easier walks that I have done.

It can be a relaxing walk amongst some of the very oldest rainforest in the area, in the Kwalate Valley, where the walk leads out across dramatic old trees and waterfalls.

You have an option here of either making your own way along the trail, or going with a guided tour, which starts at the Knight Inlet Lodge.

Being situated mostly in the valley, the walk is quite leisurely and will take you around rocky areas, fallen rocks, etc.

Stout , waterproof walking or hiking boots are still recommended however, as normal trainer shoes etc will not be very comfortable and offer no protection in case you happen to trip over an obstacle. Proper walking shoes are built to offer good protection to feet and ankles.

As the walk is in a rainforest, waterproof jackets with hoods should be worn, with a fleece layer underneath; you can always remove the jacket and place it in your rucksack if you feel too hot.

The walk will take approx 3 to 4 hours, and you should be back in time for a leisurely lunch at the Lodge!


Knight Inlet Lodge is located in the wilderness area called, appropriately enough, Knight Inlet, which is about 50 miles by air along the Campbell River. You will experience the most exhilarating scenery in the Pacific Northwest including mountains, lakes and fo course the wild coast.

There is accommodation available at the Lodge if you require, and almost all of the 12 guest rooms have a twin, king or queen size bed as well. Each room can accommodate 4 people. Lounges with wood-burning stoves for comfort are also fitted.

How to get there

Flights to Campbell River from Vancouver cost approx $300 per person.