Coincidence? You tell me…


Last night, I had one of those damn dreams again!

Yep, those dreams in which you see something happen to you, or someone you know, but on waking, you forget all about it. Really useful, that is, eh?

So what happened? Ok; I’m driving back from some shopping trip or other, when I have a flash of inspiration. I decide to post a couple letters that I’ve been carrying with me, at the local post office.

So unable to find any parking space nearby, I decide to park my car on a no-parking zone, knowing that I will be out in a few minutes. Anyway, after doing my business in the post office, I come out and walking to the car, I notice the parking warden has already given me a damn ticket; it’s tucked lovingly behind the windscreen wiper, on the passenger side!

So that’s what happened in the dream. Now, knowing myself, I know through years of experience, that an alarming number of my dreams have a nasty habit of coming true the next day, or maybe a few days after. But, as always happens, I tend to forget what I dreamt.

And so, today, I had to drop the kids off at their friend’s house, after which I was driving home, when I passed the post office. And at that very instant, I remembered that I had some letters to post, but I couldn’t find any parking space. So I thought damn it, I’ll be out in a minute, let’s just park up right here….in the no-parking zone!

You’d think that I would’ve remembered the dream but no. The rest you can guess….yep, I walked out of the post office….and saw a parking ticket on my car…but listen to this…in the EXACT position as I dreamt!

Of course, I was fuming…but just then, I recalled the dream, but too late!

Now you tell me; was that a coincidence…or was the dream a warning?


2 thoughts on “Coincidence? You tell me…

  1. Dreams sometimes are prophecies–especially yours was this time. I write my dreams down in the morning and make sure to take note of what they’re trying to tell me! Thanks for sharing this.

    • true, diana…but what gets me is that somehow…it seems we cannot change what is going to happen…as in my dream and others i have had…the dream comes true in time…and only then i recall that i had dreamed about it…of course…too late then….! tnks for your comments and for reading….

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