Meet my partner!

Just thought you may like to meet my partner in crime, Shera!

Shera is around 3.5 years old and came to us when he was just 6 weeks old..a little bundle of fun!

I honestly think we’ve been really lucky with Shera, as a more intelligent, docile, and gentle dog I have never ever seen. Ok, so he does bark and pull on his leash whenever we pass another dog, especially if it’s a male, but aside of that, he races back when called, never, ever poos or pees indoors, eats what we give him (I prepare his food fresh every morning and evening myself..fresh tinned stuff!) and looks after the house when we’re not there. A real gentle giant.

He comes with me on most walks I undertake and is really useful to have around in the wild (as is any dog).

I’ve had so many offers from owners of female alsations for breeding from Shera so other people must sense his qualities too.

Anyways, that’s Shera! Hope you like him.