What’s the point of religion?

Excuse my off-hand remark, but I have had that question in my mind for years and years.

What indeed is the whole point of religion? All religions say they have the power to save our souls, but that is when we’re dead! What about when we’re alive?

How do they save our souls then? I’m not an athiest, but neither am I a fanatic. Having recently been through a death of someone really young, and really close to me, I just don’t see the justification of religion as a whole.

We prayed for that person, we prayed like there was no tomorrow. And everyone we met said our prayers would be answered. So taht person passed away, despite our prayers. Is that how a wonderful God responds to prayers? It seems he delights in taking away people as he wishes, no matter how much we value their presence with us, in our families.

No answer to this, I’m afraid. I’ve been asking for years, nobody has been able to answer me satisfactorily.

No offence to anybody, just my views on things.


2 thoughts on “What’s the point of religion?

  1. Your questions are important. It seems to me that you are searching for a Truth, the Truth. About what? Does God really care about us? Is there any hope for the dead? How can I pray and be heard by God? How can I find happiness in life?

    Where would you look to find the answers? If this reply makes you curious, then feel free to send a message to me. I would love to share some valuable information with you.

    • well…thanks for your comments..all taken and understood.
      dont get me wrong…im not an atheist, but nor am i a fanatic…just call me agnostic for want of a better word…organised religion..be it the mormons, christians, judaism, etc etc…are good in a sense that they provide a framework within which to live proper lives…that is all…as to what happens when we die, nobody knows…its all speculation to my mind! but heres the rub…we’ll all know what really does happen, when we die..but of course we wont be able to tell anyone then! a paradigm…thanks for your offer of sharing vaulable info…feel free to place it here in the comments section…im sure its not that classified…;)

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