Surviving for life.

..sounds like a good item! someone has also said that a ball of cotton rolled in vaseline is the best fire starter ever…thats fine…but in a survival situation, what if youve just fallen in a river…and swum out…? then youre gonna need one helluva reliable fire starter….!

This could be it!

I got to thinking this afternoon if I were stranded all alone how would I survive? I took to the Internet and came across my blogroll only to find the best posted article ever!The Dura Lite Emergency Stoveaka FIRE! (Thanks to my dear friends Zombease)Small wood burning portable stove.

Fire isn’t the number one necessity to survival but it is second best. Now I don’t know about you but I was never a girl scout nor have I ever been camping therefore my ability to make a fire is non-existent. Have no fear! With the Dura Lite weighing at a solid 16 lbs this little bad boy can be taken anywhere. Weather its warmth you need or food to eat this guy has got you covered.

Don’t have the money for something like this? No problem I have found you9 different ways to start your own fire without matches. Don’t be…

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