Dozens of Looters Arrested: “People are turning on each other — they’re attacking each other”

…makes you sick hearing about stuff like this…


By M. Frank Drover at The Daily Sheeple

(pictured: women treats herself to a new pair of shoes)

While parts of the east coast are returning to normal in  the wake of Sandy’s landfall, reports of looting, robberies, and fights have begun to surface in some areas devastated by the storm.

On Coney Island, which was forced to evacuate emergency responders and law enforcement personnel over the weekend, it didn’t take long for individuals and gangs to organize:

Thieves broke in to the badly damaged Mega Aid Pharmacy on Mermaid Avenue and reportedly stole more than 10,000 pharmaceutical items, including prescription drugs.

“The water went away and these people started walking down the streets and just robbed stores,” a pharmacy worker told HuffPo’s Andy Campbell.

Manager Stan Gutkin said the major heist essentially “breaks the business.”

Looters reportedly also targeted banks, other shops, and other pharmacies.

And residents are…

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