Prop 37 failed but we can still fight back !!

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 Corporate Assault on Our Lives And Our Health

Agni-Business has  helped  to  defeat  Prop 37 – But  we  can  still vote with our dollars.  Educate  yourselves, know  what the  labels and stickers mean and stick  it  to the lying , money  hungry criminals.  Here  is a  simple diagram of  what  you  should be looking   for  to  protect   yourself and your loved ones from the poison  they  are  putting  in  our  food  supply.  It  is time  we took  matters into our  own hands and  stop depending on a  corrupt system to  protect us!!


Surely you buy fresh produce from the stores, and surely you’ve wondered just what those little stickers on your fruits and veggies represent. Well, wonder no more. Here is the decoding, in the form of a cute infographic by the International Federation of Produce…

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