View from a Rhino House: fashion fame

haha…why not!


72 year-old Liu Qianping was visiting his granddaughter in the Chinese city of Guangzhou recently when the women’s clothes that the wannabe entrepreneur was packing into boxes, caught his eye.

During his visit the model that granddaughter, Ms Ting, had booked for a photo shoot to promote her online fashion business, suddenly canceled, leaving them with a problem & grandad with an opportunity.

“I walked into the room & tried on a jacket & she & her friends took pictures of me to post on the internet to sell the clothes. ” The aging transvestite told reporters.

It was at then that a star was born. (Sigh.)

Liu, known widely as “MaDiGaGa” – “funny old fart” – is now one of China’s most recognized models.

Since her grandfather became involved, visits to Ms Ting’s online clothes site have increased by 400%.

Ting has been criticized on the internet for using…

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