Bigfoot really exists!

I don’t know whether any of you guys has ever seen anything unusual whilst hiking in the woods, but I certainly have.

I can recount several instances during my hikes in BC that I have glimpsed a large human-shaped animal that somehow seems to melt into the background once you set eyes upon it.

At other times, and many readers who are regular hikers will agree with this, is that I have felt as if I was being watched whilst camping in such thick wilderness that nobody could get in without leaving traces.

The other thing I have experienced is hearing sounds which are not part of the night-time rituals normal nocturnal animals make, ranging from weird grunts and groans to strange scream-like sounds. having been a hiker for more than 30 years, I think I’m familiar with most sounds of the wilderness and these sounds are not what you’d expect to hear from moose, bears, pigs, etc that roam around there.

Ok, I cannot say with absolute certainty that what I have seen, but yesterday came the news that scientists doing DNA research on hair samples found where suspected Bigfoot or Sasquatch activity has been seen, have confirmed that the results prove conclusively that there indeed is a sub-human species that has been living alongside us for more than 15000 years or so.

Apparently, Bigfoot is a cross between a human and another ape-like species, and they say it is possible that the other species somehow managed to mate with a human female thousands of years ago, producing a hybrid we know as Sasquatch or Yeti.

My own opinion is that now we know such a creature may exist, it is pretty damn sure that the poor things will be driven out of existence, hounded by press, researchers and others.

So what can we, as hikers, the people most likely to come up against such creatures do?

My suggestion is leave well alone…sure, experience what you can from the sounds or sightings, but keep it to yourselves. That’s the only way to prevent endangering the existence of what appears to be at least, a harmless creature who likes nothing better than to be left alone.

Kudos to that, I say!