..thought for Sunday…

A friend of mine, who is in his late 70s now, is shall we say, of independent means, that is to say, he’s wealthy!

During his life, and he started as dishwasher in London, England in the early days, his aim was to accumulate property.

Starting with his own apartment, decided to move out and sub-let it at a profit, and the rest is history.

He now has around 135 properties, probably more, but he has revealed this number I’m quoting here himself.

Recently, he was telling me that he’s very worried about what his son has asked of him. What was that? His son asked him if he could lend him some cash to buy a better car. So what’s the problem, I said.

Well, said my friend….where do I get the money from…..?

I sat there looking at him, astonished! Well, why don’t you just sell one property, and that way you’ll have cash in the bank and your son can buy a brand new car, too. At that, the colour drained away from my friend’s face…it was patently obvious he didn’t want to do that.

Moral…..be happy and content with what you have and don’t hoard it, use it….you can’t take it with you in that little wooden box that we are all waiting for…..