Casey Fiedler | Outdoor Adventure Professional

Before we get started with this month-by-month regimen, let’s review a few helpful hints:

First and foremost, if you want to be in charge of a group in the backcountry, you better have the hard skills to back you up.

Hard skills are starting a fire, pitching a tarp, packing a backpack, etc.

Don’t forget, employers will want to see that you have good soft skills too.

Soft skills are communication, leadership, conflict resolution, facilitation, etc. These skills are much more difficult to develop outside of interpersonal interaction, so be mindful of how you’re interacting and communicating with people (co-workers especially) over the next few months.

This article will focus on hard skills development.

The best and fastest possible way to develop hard skills is to hit the trail with a friend who has more experience than you. Second best is hitting the trail with anyone at all. Third best is…

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