Loni Found Herself

…feathers, flight, and song. And feathers are the least of these. -Marjorie Allen Seiffert

On the Sunday after our Day o’ Dinos, we walked a bit through downtown Palm Springs to procure some sunblock and a bite to eat before setting off on our birding adventure. Seems now whenever we go somewhere, anywhere, my first question becomes “And where can I see birds?” We initially thought we’d head over to nearby Joshua Tree (we’d had such a lovely time there last year with Brian and Kate). But then I stumbled upon the website for Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, which is designated as one of the United States’ Important Bird Areas by the American Bird Conservancy, the American Birding Association, and the Watchable Wildlife National Program, and is featured in the National Geographic Guide to Birdwatching Sites.

How could we possibly say no to that?!

Driving into the Preserve I…

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