BnB~Hiouchi on the Smith River

If the redwood forests — often eerily quiet, cathedral-like places with still, heavy air and soft, needle-strewn trails — are the main event for travelers to Hiouchi and the bnb, you might wonder why I would recommend an upland, arid, wind-swept and inordinately rocky trail. Believe me, this is one of the most dramatic trails in the area. And while we absolutely adore the redwoods and the many nearby hikes that loop through the ancient forest and alongside clear and free-flowing rivers and creeks, every so often it feels great to bask in a bright sun and breath the dry air of the hillsides and mountains to the east.

So if you can open your mind for just bit, and if you have the time to spare on your trip to the forest, this trail will reward that itch to explore further. And it’s so close, so accessible, and so…

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