walking the non-dog

Off the Pavement Success

Time of walk:  12:15 PM

Temperature:  23° F (felt like 17°)

Weather:  Sunny with another new inch of snow

I love it when a plan comes together.  It was a beautiful day today with an open block of time, so we drove to a Cook County Forest Preserve near the Cal-Sag Channel.  Although I’ve driven over this channel several times, I’ve never really had a good look at it and wanted to see it.  Luckily, we found a large open parking lot at the Morrill Meadow, which was fairly close to the channel and found an unpaved trail right off the parking lot.

Forest Preserve Unpaved

As we made our way through wooded areas and open meadows, we were surprised by the number of fresh bike tracks in the snow.  As we got farther into the woods, we had to step aside several times for mountain bikers.  What…

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