Jet Eliot

The first time I ever saw a rapid-fire assault rifle…it was pointed at me.

We all get in situations when we’re traveling (especially in foreign-speaking countries) where there is tenseness, right?  You’ve been nervous at a border even though you have nothing to hide, or unsettled by a security pat-down that seemed a little too rough. But this was nothing that I had ever experienced before, hope I never will again; and yet, travel is travel. Completely unpredictable and, at times, vulnerable.

Two nights earlier we were in a game reserve park, and my partner and I were nearing the end of our African trip. We were in Zambia at a rustic lodge, hours away from even the smallest town. Many of the other group members were going on an extension to Kenya, but we had already been to Kenya and several other countries and were ending our trip. It…

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