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Being Alone With Style

I used to think having style was about how one appeared to others, something that extroverts needed to know about, not nerdy introverts like myself. However, style is more than just fashion, it’s the total way we express our inner being outwardly, whether it be clothes, accessories, speech or how we carry ourselves. Strangely enough, I only started to realize the importance of style after spending some time alone, backpacking in the wilderness.

While solo hiking a section of the John Muir Trail a few years back, I came across a snowfield which obscured the trail and I made the classic mistake of asking someone else where the trail was. Two exhausted hours later I found myself off-trail, disoriented (the word has less finality than lost) and summiting Donahue peak (12,023 feet) with a full pack instead of hiking leisurely through the Pass. However, I remembered to do all the correct things, stifling…

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