Across the snow-covered plain, a man approaches on a white horse. At least it looks like a man on a horse. It’s hard to distinguish any form on this crystalline oasis and the vague shape is constantly shifting as it hobbles along.  Cut to a Reverse-Shot: Jeremiah Johnson sits in the snow and watches an obscure figure trot towards him. Johnson (Robert Redford) is handsome in that rugged, hard way, but don’t let his good looks deceive you: he’s wild. He wears the scalped head of a black bear as a toque and he’s cooking flayed rabbit over an open fire in the dead of winter.

Johnson’s eyes are squinting now as he tries to discern the identity of the visitor (trespasser?) struggling towards him.It’s Bear Claw (Will Geer), the gruff mountain man who first taught Johnson the wiles of the trade. Johnson pulls off his bear-hat – a…

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