Leigh Lake Part 2

After we ate lunch, the children settled in at the beach to make a shark out of sand, swim, fish, and frolic.The shark turned out lovely, and they named him Mr. Jiggles. If you read my Yellowstone trip blog, you would remember that they did the same thing last time we did this hike. Same name for the shark and everything. Creatures of habit these children are. And now I’m typing like Yoda. I watched in wonder at the beauty mix of mountains, water, sunlight, and children. The boys found some large logs, and I found myself transposed into the Swiss Family Robinson novel. I just want you to know that my family would survive if we were on a deserted island. We figure things out. We would probably thrive too. I mean, if there was fresh water and food sources. 🙂

Beth and I discussed…

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