From Carolina to Oceania

Last Thursday, I finally set off for a must-do visit to the Blue Mountains. Four English friends and I rented a car and made the hour and a half drive outside of Sydney for a day in the wild northwest. Riding for a long distance in a car that’s backwards to ours still gets me, but I didn’t have to drive (I’ve somehow made it almost a year without getting behind a wheel!) and it sure beats taking the 2 1/2 hour train ride.

Our first stop was Wentworth Falls, where we got some great views of Jamison Valley, the waterfall and the eucalyptus forest that give the Blue Mountains their blue hue.

We then rode over to the interesting little mountain town of Katoomba. We took a short stroll down the main drag and made a couple stops in the strange magic shop, the sadly closed down “Candy World” and Coles before making…

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