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This first blog entry is a test of sorts — to see if all the bits and bytes are in harmony — but it’s also a way of announcing the “countdown” portion of the hike. Plans have been finalized, equipment tested and unnecessary gear jettisoned, and the countdown clock (so to speak) started.


Eight weeks from now I’ll be hiking north, having started from Springer Mountain, GA on a 2200 mile journey to Mt. Katahdin, ME. The trip will take between five and six months. I’ll start slowly, so slow that my “trail name” should be “Turtle.” By the end of the trip, I will have averaged 15-20 miles a day. By the end of the trip I will also have lost between 20 and 40 pounds, my legs will be as strong as a bull’s and my heart will hopefully still be beating. I know there will be a…

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