bury me all over ontario

In the three snowless seasons we do a lot of hiking.  We also try to fit in as much backpacking as we can between our work and camp schedules.  It’s an activity that we do well as a family.  It brings us a lot of peace and unity.  If you are a backpacker you know that putting 50lbs or so on your back is not comfortable.  There’s no two ways about it.  Our kids carry much less of course, but proportionally the weight is about the same.  When we set out they are always complaining; fussing and trying to adjust their packs to make them comfortable.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I want to do the same.  It’s a losing battle though, and one best not fought at all.  We tell the kids (and ourselves) to just ride it out. Experience has shows that after a few…

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