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What to take? What to take? making lists……. looks like 250 pounds of gear. Never fit in my pack!


It’s a start. Still needs Hiking boots, walking shoes, flip flops, bathroom items, TP, clothing and blister pads.

I received a hiking tip I had not heard before. Wear a pair of Nylon Crew socks then over top of the Nylons, a pair of Cotton Crew socks. What? never heard of this. The point is that it is supposed to reduce your foot friction by 80-90%. So I tried it. Went for a 6 mile training hike and it was amazing. Give it a try. Also, they say NEVER use “Tube” socks, the toe seams can drive you crazy or worse on a long hike. Hmmmmm, Looks like Goodwill can expect a lot of “Tube” socks from me.

Buen Camino

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