Hope for the Rest of Us

Mavis Peters showed up at a weekend retreat where I was speaking last year. We soon realized may have met decades ago but we can’t remember it. However, we both know many of the same people. We embarked on a faraway friendship — the only kind I seem to be able to sustain!

Mavis let me know she was in a season of spiritual dryness. My own prolonged wilderness experience and subsequent reconnection with living faith has been an encouragement to her. And our ongoing dialogue has been a boost to me.

Mavis offers the following book review as a help to others who also struggle with spiritual dryness:


This 74 page booklet begins by quoting Churchill, “If you’re going through hell, keep going!”  Daniel Kolenda then comments, “Adversity does not have to become our destination.  It can be a pathway to something greater.” (p5)

This positive, forward-facing attitude permeates

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