Check Your Premises

Yesterday Rich & I drove out to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park for a day’s diversion from nursing homes. It was a perfect winter day for the desert, sunny and cool, with a nice fresh breeze. It’s amazing how much life there is in the most barren-looking desert. You just have to get out of the car and walk to see it. If you sit quietly for a while, little songbirds, lizards, and crickets make their appearances.

So many different types of cactus. These are Chollas cactus, also called “jumping” cactus, because if you just barely brush past one, a lobe will easily detach and “jump” onto your clothes. The lobe will tenaciously hang on, too, because the spines are equipped with wicked reverse-barbs. Also called “teddy bear” cactus, because they’re so fuzzy-looking.

chollas jumping cactus

Another, rangier, less fuzzy-looking variety of chollas:

another chollas

When the chollas die and finish decomposing, they leave behind these…

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