The Tight Fisted Photographer

There you go.  I shoot film, I shoot DSLR, I shoot primes, I shoot old glass.  Flickr rates the above as my ‘most interesting’ photo though, taken of my siberian husky, Wolfy, using a Fujifilm Finepix S5600 digital bridge camera.

We had just completed the Peddars Way National Trail for the first time.  Wolfy’s first long distance hike.  I celebrated by letting him off the leash (a rare event, as Wolfy is a typical husky – he will run!) in the sea mist, when we eventually reached the North Sea.  It just needed to be done, and after running around in the sea fog, he let me leash him again.

That Fujifilm FinePix bridge camera was actually a good introduction to digital photography, and a ‘bridge’ between compact point and shoot cameras, and SLR cameras.  It had a good range of manual exposure controls including AV, SV, Full Manual, ISO…

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