Lochness monster? We have our own in BC….

Right by Bella Coola, around that area, is a river, quite far away, called the Kimsquit River.

Thats where our monster lives, or around them parts.

Once I was up there, just pottering around camping and canoeing. I’d spent the better part of a few weeks there and thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but now it was time to move on down home.

I got everything packed, but thought about my canoe..I just couldn’t justify carrying all that weight and the mere thought of it made me shiver!

Ah, to hell with it, I thought, I’d leave it right there covered up with tree fronds and stuff. I planned to come back again, so I’d pick it up then.

There was a small portage right along by the river bank, made by myself and used by animals as well, so I decided to hike down that way.

It wasn’t long before I decided to take a break, so I stopped, laid down my pack and sat down. The place was dead quiet….I didn’t like that, as normally there’d be birds and things chattering away, but not this time.

I idly looked over at the other side of the river bank, amongst some tree branches fallen and trapped there. I thought I saw something move, but the moment I looked harder, there was nothing.

I knew then that there definitely was something there, that explained why everything was so quiet…..mountain lion or grizzly, I thought.

I kept very still, breathing very shallowly. Then I saw it again….something in the water. It looked like a seal, but it had a weird head, a bit like a bird or a lizard. It could be a dead branch maybe, being moved by the current. But no, it seemed to move of it’s own accord.

It was almost black in colour, and moved its head from side to side. Then a little more of it came out the water and I could see the rest of it’s body, a very wide body. This was no seal! I’ve never ever been scared in the woods, but this time, I could feel myself trembling. Judging by the it’s size, if it ever came out the water and onto land, I’d be toast for sure.

I thought to unpack my rifle, a good powerful one, too, but the noise it would create would attract too much attention. In the ned, I saw a fist sized rock, picked it up and through it at the thing as hard as I could.

I think I must’ve hit it just below it’s neck in the water, as it looked over at me, opened it’s mouth, showing it’s small teeth, like those on a fish. Then it dived, dived fast and all I could see was ripples for a while, then nothing.

Well, I didn’t hang around there, I tell you! I was outta there like a shot and didn’t stop till about 5 hours afterwards, so scared I was.

What was it? I don’t know. But I mentioned it to my aboriginal friend one time, and he nodded his head, saying “Don’t go there again…big trouble”