Hot Mama Hikers

Scientifically, we know sunsets release Oxytocin, one of our brain’s “feel-good” chemicals. Intellectually, we know that spending days in the wilderness makes us smarter and more creative because it allows our brain to rest and function clearly. We are drawn to understand wild places; space, under the sea, deep woods and the microscopic. The places where animals and physics ultimately rule.DSC02363 Our curiosity and reason make us capable of fully appreciating the depth of the beauty around us. The beauty that our emotions recognize in an instant.

Nature may seem unfeeling in it’s cruelty, especially this past week up here in the northeast, as three feet of snow buried us so deep that we are still digging out. Climbers lives are taken on frozen peaks making thz66e harshness of the wilderness undeniable. Yet, it conjures such passion in those of us who love it. We change our lives to…

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