Cable Car

It was a summer last time visited the Ocean Park. It was scourging hot, so sunny that burnt our skin and packed with lots of mainland visitors. This time it’s much better, only without the heat; we felt much better.


Cable Cars - Ocean Park

Old Hong Kong - Ocean Park

Old Hong Kong - Ocean Park

Old Hong Kong - Ocean Park

Old Hong Kong - Ocean Park

Ocean Park is everyone’s childhood memory as it is the only surviving theme park founded in Hong Kong. And it is the iconic attraction of Hong Kong. Not only me, everyone is glad the Ocean Park is still here. I even heard a man saying he hadn’t visit the park for 30 years, he could barely recognize it!

Couple doing self portrait

Wishing they were young again

Sea dog

Man and animal

Diver vacuum-cleaning the tank

Feeding the penguins

What makes me like Ocean Park so much is really the ‘memories’ it brings to me. Just their cable cars alone reminded me of myself and family together since I was just a kid. It’s over 20 years already since I ever got on a mountain crossing cable car! It’s still running…

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