During exertion the body sweats and becomes clammy. In climbing the hands, one of your primary tools, will wreak havoc on your climbing by releasing all this blasted juice from your palms and finger tips. To counter this, chalk is used frequently to soak up the sweat and provide extra grip. It is kept in a small draw string bag worn around the waist. You can reach in and chalk your hand which helps strengthen your grip on the rock surface.

The chalk used is magnesium carbonate (MgCO3)and some other additives like silica. There are different varieties with You will see the evidence of chalk on many climbing routes as climbers ascend and unintentionally mark the rock. In some areas, using chalk is banned due to the leftover markings and the effect the substance has on the indigenous rock. Fontainebleau in France is one example. It is still widely used…

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