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B&W Samling

The history of Déden Samten Ling, or simply Samling, is quite significant to the preservation of the Bön Buddhist tradition.  Many of the sacred texts that we have today are still in existence because of the library of Samling Monastery.  The main temple was established over 900 years ago by Yangton Gyalshen Rinchen in a remote and mountainous region of Dolpo, Nepal near the Tibetan border.  Traditionally, this monastery, as well as others in Dolpo, has been maintained by a hereditary line of the Yangton family.

map of dolpo copy

Dolpo is a high-altitude, arid region located in North Western Nepal and is bordered to the North by Tibet.  Even now, many areas of Dolpo are only accessible by a combination of helicopter and walking.  Once the snow sets in and blocks the passes, it is best to simply wait until the snow melts before trying to make it out of the mountains.  Although technically a part of Nepal, this area is culturally…

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