Namaste from Nepal

So I talk a lot about the cool things we do and how much fun we’re having, but some bits are not so fun.  A few of us are having problems with mites.  They could be bed bugs, they could be fleas… but my feet are all chewed up and I look like a calamine lotion leopard.  It’s a little ridiculous.  I didn’t think anything of it since I walk around barefoot until I realized that the only time I found new bites was when I got out of bed.  Audra and Cody were also getting bitten at night so they came and changed all of our sheets.  We all have two beds so I switched to the other bed and I haven’t had any problems.  When Dave came up to my room I mentioned it, and Audra mentioned his.  He said, “Damn am I lucky, you guys don’t complain…

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