When you are out enjoying the wild blue yonder, it’s easy to forget about taking good care of yourself! Keeping clean is part of staying healthy! Here are some easy tips for staying lemony-fresh in the great outdoors!!

1. Brush them teeth!  Many people forget to pack essential items, like toothbrushes, when they are backpacking. Pack a lightweight travel toothbrush ( I like ones like this that the handle turns into a cap: Butler G-U-M Travel Toothbrush). Don’t forget an environmentally friendly toothpaste! ( I like Tom’s Of Maine)

2. I briefly alluded to this above, but be a good steward of the earth with your products. I like to use natural products that won’t harm the environment I’m traveling in. This includes your soap! I like Dr. Bronner’s in Peppermint, in small travel-sized bottles from REI. You can buy bigger bottles and refill the…

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