Brown, Green and Yellow

It was a bright, sunny, cheerful Sunday in January. A motley group of people of all ages, shapes, sizes and energy levels made their way up the undulating countryside…..sometimes on a proper path, sometimes on the unpaved. At their respective paces. In groups.

All of it uphill, the land was dotted with brown, thorny bushes and other not so very engaging flora. Browner than green for the area was still being developed, the view too was of the sky scraping skyline of the city just there. But then an unexpected field of bright yellow flowers (not sarson) added a lovely dash of colour to our sojourn. Gave us impetus to reach our destination-The Temple up the hill.

The Temple

I must at this stage admit that I prefer my temples to be clean, quiet places largely free of raucous prayers and singing and ideally free of any other visitors other than me…

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