Country Collector

OK, so in couple of weeks I’m heading off to Nepal and Bhutan and it should look something like this, just with the Everest in the background:)
This will be my first bigger trip for almost a year and two new countries (not that I’m counting), I’ve done several smaller ones in between, but my last solo adventure trip was back in March 2012, so I feel a bit rusty.
As always, it will only be a small carry on 35l bag, which I’ve finally upgraded after 5 years. Here’s my new shiny one, it is Australian made, water and everything proof with a lifetime warranty, supposed to work as hand me downs, will see. I’ve also bought new trekking shoes given I will get some snow at the peaks and lightweight merino wool top. Plus I’m optimising my tech, to keep it light and simple, so i…

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