There are a lot of others out there, but here is my guide to building your very own cat food can stove. This is really handy on the Appalachian trail, but it’s also an awesome party trick at your next family camp out.

Here we go:


Step one: give some cat an awesome treat. Make sure it’s the smallest size cat food can you can buy. Fancy Feast and Sheba work well. Who else is giggling and saying “Ferncer Ferst!” right now? Just me? Ok, moving along…

Step two: give your can a good rinse and wipe down.

Step three: use a piece of steel wool or an SOS pad and smooth down the inner rim where you open the can. You don’t want to cut yourself on that.

Step four: now you’re going to want to get yourself a one hole punch, some people say you need the kind…

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