So me and the ol man are all about doomsday preppers and trying to live off the grid. But to tests our strengths, weaknesses, ans knowledge we are gonna spend a little time in the woods. 24 hours to be exact.

Our plan is to only take a rucksack and fill it with things we will need to survive in the woods mid summer. Only necessities will be allowed.  So this means no lighter,  no tent , no sleepubf bag and NO CELLPHONE.

We have to learb to make our own fires and find sticks to build a shelter and also have a way to get clean drinking water.

It sounds crazy but I think it will be a blast and a good learning experience.

I need help assembling my rucksack.  So far here are the items I plan to bring:

Tarp- to use as a roof for a shelter…

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