…yep! i can testify to your feelings about the energy issue….ive had the same effect when i was in the area some time ago! great blog!

Overland and Other Things

After our day of rest in Manang, we spent the next day walking at what is best described as ‘snails pace’. It felt like some imaginary force had sapped our energy. Turns out that this imaginary force is called a vacuum. Well not quite a vacuum, but the lack of air in the atmosphere meant that we were walking a couple of metres then having to stop for a breath. It is hard to describe but you just always feel out of breath.

We noticed that we were not the only ones struggling, because most of the plants had legged it too and the place started feeling like the set from Total Recall. All the girls still looked the same though.


After Manang we had another two days hiking until reaching base camp, the last accommodation before the summit day. This photo is looking down at our accommodation with…

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