Egypt to China and everywhere in-between!


The Himalayas, not only is it home to the largest mountain in the world, but 14 mountain peaks towering over the 8000m mark, with Everest, split between Nepal and Tibet, the largest jewel in the crown.


They span over 2400km and into 7 Countries. Rather than doing a straight to route for Everest’s Base Camp we detoured (pretty major one) to Gokyo, a beautiful barely touched region (like most of the Himalayas) with brilliantly bright blue lakes.. Unfortunately they were iced and snowed over, not overly surprising when it hits -25degrees at night.

I have to admit my disappointment at missing them at the pinnacle of their beauty. The snow had fallen heavily two weeks earlier, many couldn’t travel to Gokyo, we had met groups returning at the end of their trek tell us they had to miss it because of the snow. Mingma, our Sherpa guide, pretty much the…

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