Overland and Other Things

Deciding to take a simpler option and fly to Nepal proved good for our sanity. It saved numerous hours being packed like cattle on an Indian train. For Jen and I, arriving in Kathmandu was like arriving in a lovely place of relaxation. Maybe because we arrived during a festival and most of the town was closed down.Kathmandu

The peace and quiet was only for that day, as the next day all the shops were open and back in business. For those people who haven’t been to Kathmandu for a number of years, expect changes. Kathmandu is like a mountain version of Bangkok. Japanese restaurants, mountains of camping stores, tour shops, ATMs and everything else that goes along with what you would expect from a tourist city. Although I hear that the electricity blackouts are the same as it always has been.


PJ getting a pre-birthday haircut and shave in…

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