Moving Mountains Trust

Moving Mountains runs small and mobile medical camps in the remote villages of Bumburi and Bupsa, along with the surrounding villages in the Solu-Khumbu region of the Nepalese Himalayas. These medical camps are led by Nepalese professionals who are assisted by qualified Moving Mountains volunteers and medical and dentistry students from the UK.

The long and expensive journey to the hospitals in Laksha (2 days) and Kathmandu (a 30 mBupsa Villageinute flight) are out-of-reach for the majority living in these low-income communities. Their main source of income is from subsistence farming and small profits are often shared throughout the community. So as you can imagine, when word gets out that these clinics are nearby, villagers flock to them in the hope of securing a cure for their ailments. The hope is to one day provide the communities in these remote Himalayan villages with permanent medical care and qualified staff, rather…

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  1. I want to roam India. I did a lot of hiking in Europe and the America’s. India is old and beautiful. Thank you for the description and the photos.

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