Why does religion have to come into it…

No offence to any of my readers, but don’t you just cringe whenever you come to an article on a blog about the wilderness, when all of a sudden, religion has been included.

I do realise that for some people, the wilderness releases the normally shackled restraint that we all normally exist under when in the public eye, so to speak, and so they feel they just have to raise up their arms and scream hallelujah or something!

For me, and as I say this is my personal opinion, discussing religion gets weary after a time, with one party trying fervently to prove the hypothesis, while the other party trying to disprove it. That in my view is not a way for educated people to behave, and so I always stay away from those discussing it.

Same goes here on my blog…you will not get me talking about religion at all, aside of possibly a mention of Nature at the most.

Religion is fine when practised within 4 falls; it’s a personal thing….if it gives comfort and solace to anybody, then well and good, but best keep it to yourself, I say!