This is Not a Wedding Cake

Here’s a brief NaNoWriMarch update, considering I didn’t do one this week:

  • Writing a novel is hard.
  • My back and wrists hurt.
  • I’m at 38,310… with six days to go.

Great, glad that’s done. In other news:

This Week I Learned…

1. How much deep, abiding resentment I can feel for the following people from the hours of 1 to 4 pm:

  • construction workers
  • door-to-door salesmen
  • those who KNOW a baby is sleeping inside and still RING THE BELL (?!)
  • garbage truck drivers
  • certain three-year-olds who sing “Tomorrow” from Annie with gusto right next to bedroom doors

Alright, the last one only elicits 2% resent and 98% omg-do-that-again-so-I-can-record-you (which never works… “Tan I play wish yoah phone? Tan I see da pitcha? What awh you doine, Melalie?”… that’s three-year-old Aussie if you couldn’t tell). But seriously. Why you gotta wake the baby, fools?

2. A valetudinarian is a hypochondriac in…

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