Living Life Brightly

I’m a writer and also admit that I am very Type A. I absolutely love to make lists to organize my thoughts, ideas, tasks, and inspirations.

What happens when you put the two together?  You get a girl who obsessively covets and compulsively purchases anything paper-bound. Heck, I even work in the paper industry (yes, I get the Dunder Mifflin question a lot)!

My notebooks and journals are some of my most-prized possessions. Most people keep their lives in their smart phone, their iPad, or their laptop. I keep mine in these. My musings, endless to-do lists, blog ideas, wedding checklists, and everything in between are held in these pages.

I’m a lover of the written word, a sentimentalist who still enjoys sending handwritten letters when most send texts and emails (don’t get me wrong, I do that too). I love nothing more than the tactile feel of paper between…

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