Book Binding

Green Blossom Studio

Rumi’s poem ‘Being Woven’ came to me at a time when I needed to be reminded how deeply connected we are.
The thickets blocking the path are anything
that keeps you from that, any fear
that you may be broken to bits like a glass bottle.
This road demands courage and stamina,
yet its full of footprints! Who are these companions?”
These lines I return to again and again, have decided to create a hand bound art journal to explore my own bits of poetry and imagery connected to this question.”

beginning journal

I used 10X12″ hardboard, primed and experimented with acrylics for the background. The idea of combining the art of Mendhi, designs of temporary lacework tattoos done with henna seemed appropriate as Rumi lived in the Persian Empire in the beginning of the 12th century.
To bind the book I used a method originally  evolved from the 4th century…

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