Amaro e Dolce

El Hombre and I have a tendency to wander about the city when we aren’t really sure what we want to do. Today was one of those days, and by chance we ended up in a Barnes & Noble.  While I am hopelessly devoted to my Kindle, I still like to wander the aisles of bookstores – and there are still books that I like to have in actual print. Cookbooks primarily – who wants to risk having a computer or an e-reader near the stove and ingredients?

As I was in the aforementioned cookbook section, I flipped through a few books written by bloggers. Not chefs or TV personalities, but everyday people who work, then come home and cook with standard cooking equipment. So to go from a simple blog to being published and sold on actual bookshelves is an awesome accomplishment.

From the cookbook section I ended up…

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