Talking about journals….

Some readers may recall I recently wrote about my trip to India and that little remote village where they were trying to eke out a living by making hand made leather journals?

Well, I’m really happy to tell you that those guys in that village will be sleeping a little bit more peacefully than of late, all thanks due to WordPress bloggers around the world who read my article and responded by buying those journals!  I have had so many orders for the journals, that I actually had to take time off work to process them….and I was happy to do that, knowing that it was all for a very good cause indeed.

As I mentioned, I was taken aback by the poverty in which those people live, even in this day and age, when India is said to be second only to China and possibly the USA in terms of economic might.

Children regularly die of silly, preventable problems like malnutrition, malaria, etc. Water has always been a rarity there, until recently when the villagers pooled their incomes from those journals and had an electric water pump fitted.

Ok, their work is quite slow and laborious compared to western eyes, but at least it brings in much-needed cash which can be ploughed straight back into the community and allow them to afford things like medicines etc which they could only dream of before.

If you would like to help them out, read about the journals here.