Everest Highway

Country Collector

It’s a funny thing about travel. The same multiplier effect (life cycle) applies to cool travel destinations as to trendy restaurants or bars. At first it’s all new and only few people know about it, then it becomes officially ‘cool’ and more people flock. Third stage is the tipping point where it’s just too popular, when too many people are trying to go to the same place, do the same thing. It’s when restaurants have waiting line of 4 weeks (Quay), or when 50 people queue around the corner to get in a trendy breakfast place (TT’s Café) that does not take bookings, although there are another 5 brekkie places in close proximity. Fourth and last stage is that obvious over-demand leads to people finally deciding to do something else that requires less effort and discomfort, by abandoning the place entirely or for a certain cool-off period.
Unfortunately, Everest base…

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