The Journey to and Arrival at Mt Everest North Base Camp

Edita's Blog - "Intotheblu"

The Altitude Junkies communications was up and running today.  Edita wrote and also called to test her satellite phone. It worked great and it was good to hear her voice. She sounded good and the throat problem seemed to be left behind in Tingi 🙂
Edita’s words….”We left Tingri around 5 AM Nepalese time (Chinese time 3:45 AM). It was still dark, we could see big stars in the sky. The TIngri dogs were finally asleep, after a  night of relentless barking. Many of my goup members could not even sleep because of the barking.
Another reason we couldn’t wait to leave Tingri was bad food. We only felt full for an hour or so before we would get hungry again. We couldn’t stand eating rice twice a day and no good source of protein.
It was a bumpy drive to BC yesterday morning. It was a narrow gravel road…

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