Where to find buttons?

...a journey of compassion

Imagine you are setting up a small garment business. You are finally ready to purchase equipment and materials such as sewing machines, fabric, thread, zippers, buttons, and the like. You have cash and a list in hand. What’s the next step?

Grab a cup of coffee to go and a friend who likes to sew, get in your car, drive to Joann’s Fabrics or Fabric Depot, compare prices and quality throughout the store, fill a cart or two, make your purchases, and you’re done! A few hours or one afternoon and mission accomplished.

Now imagine you are in Kathmandu. Here’s how the above scenario plays out.

Grab a willing friend, walk and take public transportation to the New Road neighborhood, ask around in broken Nepali or find those who speak English, take several wrong turns, pausing for a photo with a ridiculously hairless dog, wandering aimlessly until you happen upon…

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