80 year old man travels the world…on a motorbike!

No, it’s no typo…there really is an 80 year old man who is doing just that!

At that age, my dad is just about mobile…walking around bumping into things, dropping food all over the place when he eats…just like a baby. But hey, that’s life…

Not for this guy, though….he may be slightly overweight, have pure white hair and matching beard, but that isn’t going to stop him enjoying himself.







He openly admits that he spent his life “messing around”, moving from one country to another, finally settling down where he lives now, rural Herefordshire in England.

But why does he do it, you may ask?

Simon says the answers are quite simple….he is 28 years older than his wife, their sons are 22 and 27, and he owes them something better than just being a scruffy, inefficient and forgetful old man who mows his lawn every other week.

Another thing is, he has always loved travel, the thrill of meeting new people, new places. And yes, he is scared sometimes, having survived not one but two heart attacks, one of them up a remote mountain in Guatemala.

In his view, his riding a bike is no different form the millions of people all over the world who ride their bikes to work everyday…it’s just that he rides further…and enjoys a better lunch.

This is not the only trip he is making on his bike overseas. His first journey was from Mexico all the way down to Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia.

Then, not satisfied with that, he rode the same small bike all the way from Tierra del Fuego to New York.

There were many more journeys after that, and at age 77, he toured India over a period of six months, in total covering 10 000 miles. And yet, India being what it is, he still has not seen everything there….something he plans to correct very soon, before he heads out through Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Romania, around the Adriatic coast and back home to the UK.

He has no idea how long all this will take. His first priority before he taken on this huge journey, is to source a lighter bike…something that is really good on fuel consumption and that he can easily lift back up should it fall over.

At the moment, he is looking up some contacts he has in India….the temperature is 46C (yes, 46C!)…and shade is just an illusion….just an area where it is just as hot, but without the sun.

I wish him well….he has more guts than I ever had, for sure!




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